Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wow! It's been a long time...

It has been quite some time since I have posted.  School got very hectic, I switched back to omni, then switched to vegetarian.  I have been vegetarian (pretty much) since Thankgiving, and by Thanksgiving I mean it was not-turkey day for me.  It was been quite a time since my last post.  We had a great Samhain/Halloween here.  Our Thanksgiving was animal free, at least on our plates.  I got a 3.65 GPA this semester.  I would like it to be higher, but I got a B in my first class and an A in my second so I can't really compain.  After Thanksgiving we went to Sanibel Island, Florida on a mini-moon as VB likes to call it.  You can read about our trip here.  We had a great time and the trip was short, but sweet. 
We had a great Winter Solstice and Christmas.  The kids (my cousins') had a great time at my grandmother's house.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  I was pleased that my folks didn't go overboard with gifts.  My in-laws always give very thoughtful gifts.  Christmas is pretty tiring since my day starts at 6am and goes until 830 or 9pm. 
I've been reading all the "top-10" lists that are on and  I can't understand why so much hubbub is going on with the whole 2010 thing.  I mean it is the beginning of a new decade, but unless you're about to turn 11 this isn't your first decade.  However, VB told me this morning that Vic Chesnutt killed himself on Christmas.  If you don't know who Vic Chesnutt is, then check him out.  He just came out with a new album a few months ago and this one seemed to have some potential for mainstream popularity.  He also had a great deal of admiration paid to him by many musicians, Michael Stipe, of REM, and Jonathan Richman, being just two.  My first encounter was his opening for Jonathan Richman at the 8by10 in Baltimore about 2 years ago I think.  It was winter time and bitter cold out.  Vic must have had a cold and both acts hit traffic problems due to bad weather out of state.  The crowd had been waiting quite some time for the players to hit the stage.  One couple we talked to had driven from Binghampton, NY to Baltimore to see JR.  In any case, Vic hit the stage and many of us did not know what to think.  VB and I were astonished at how bad this unknown (to us at least) artist was.  Vic was terrible.  We mentioned this to friends of ours when we got back and one or two knew of Vic and told us he must have had an off night.  We checked YouTube and saw previous performance of Vic's.  They were great.  This is a bit rambly, but I felt the need to get it out.  I also need to say that I'm pissed at Vic.  I know he had a lot of troubles, probably both physical and mental.  I can only imagine how his afflications affected his daily life.  Vic, you had things to live for.  You were married and had family.  You certainly had friends and fans - in fact many were both at the same time.  I was actually looking forward to the possibility of seeing you when JR and Tommy come back to Baltimore.  I'm mad at you for taking that chance away.

The moral of the story here is: readers (if you're out there?????) take stock of your life and realize the positive things.  Think about stuff hard, it is probably better than you think.  After you've done this, reconnect with someone, reaffirm a relationship, and say a prayer/meditate/do a spell to express your gratitude to God, Goddess, The Great Spirit, or even just the universe (check all that apply).