Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Open Letter to Rep. Anthony Weiner

Rep. Weiner, Ant'ny, Paisan.
Thank you for showing how you felt some days ago on the House floor. I've read your explanation here.  I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment that those republicans that supported the bill should have used their allotted time for debate to argue the positive points of the legislation in an attempt to sway their colleagues. I also hope that your democratic colleagues in both the House and Senate and Mr. Obama will follow your example and show their true feelings.

What makes me angry about the fact that the republicans let this bill die is that this is party leading a rail against a proposed Mosque being built on Ground Zero.  How can you be upset by this and not want to help the responders to 9/11.  Regardless of the type of building built on Ground Zero, the souls we lost that morning won't come back to physical form.  So frankly, it doesn't matter if a mosque is built there or not.  I don't think conceding that spot of territory to a mosque allows the terrorists to win.  Now, it may be a poor decision to allow the specific group wanting to build the mosque to do so.  I don't know anything about the group and therefore will not comment on it. 

There may be more thoughts on this subject.

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