Sunday, August 16, 2009

Challenge and update...

So, I have been challenged by a coworker. My wife (her blog is here ) sent out an email to me and a number of our friends and family informing us about this challenge sponsored by the PCRM. I mentioned it to folks at work, which is how I got challenged. So I will be setting out to complete this challenge with flying colors. I can't not beat it.

Update: Check out Shannon's blog linked above. I think we'll like to each other's blog entries. Hopefully it won't cause any strife in our house. The first two months of married life has been very smooth.

Update 2: If you know me, you know that I watch a ton of TV. Right now I'm watching some damn commercial about this super-duper, compact, crazy cell wallet thingy for people who are tired of carrying around a big purse. Don't buy this thing - just take some crap out of your huge hand bag. WTF!

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Vegan Burnout said...

Marital strife? What, are we gonna have a blog fight or something? ;)