Monday, August 24, 2009

Thoughts and Such....also an alter ego

So my lovely wife posted an article about animal rights and dairy. I'm not going to post the article here because it isn't my deal. If you would like to discuss that/read about that, then go to her blog and get on it. In any case, the article had videos (which I did not watch) showing what happens in dairy processing plants. I have to say that upon seeing this article I was upset. I WAS PUT OUT! I felt that the author of the article intimated that anyone who eats dairy is on the Hitler-level of evil. Ms. Burnout later relayed later that the author pulls no punches when presenting facts and can present things in what seems to be a harsh manor.

I'm writing because of the dilemma I felt upon reading that article. Being a vegan, which I'll be for 21 straight days, is strict, nay draconian, in a very restrictive way. If I don't eat dairy and I don't eat meat, what do I eat? What can I do with my friends? No more wings and beer - and only specific types of beers at that (yes there are vegan and non-vegan beers). What can I eat at the Sunrise Inn (a pseudonym for a local place) when I go there with my friends? I was in a real pickle the other day.

In talking about my feelings with the singed one, she reminded me that things have to be taken one step at a time. She also said that she takes one day at a time with regard to food. This was sort of a revelation when she said that. Her veganism and choices seem so easy for her. She's contented by her decisions and seems to go through life effortlessly. She also reminded me that she married me as an omnivore and loves me as one now. She also reminded me that she'll love me with whatever decision I make/will make in the future and that she's here to help me on my journey.

Food update: We made some meatless tacos (dairy-free for burnout) tonight for dinner. Here's a tip, do not cut summer squash too far in advance of using it. IT WILL BE DRIER THAN THE SAHARA! Corn tortillas suck. 3-Grain Tempeh is good. Pictures of the tacos to come.

Alter-ego: I think everyone should have at least one alter ego. I've finally decided on mine. His name is Henry Thomas Stockton. Imagine a mix of Tom Waits, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, and Bukowski. Check these folks out and if you're into Science Fiction (hereafter SF) then look to Philip K. Dick, Alfred Bester, and William Gibson.


Vegan Burnout said...

Do I have to gin up an alter ego now? It's so noisy in my head, I don't think anyone else will fit....

Jenn said...

My husband, David, is the same way about the animal videos and pictures. He's been vegan for over a year (People are more surprised to find vegan men than vegan women, if you didn't already know. Which I guess is pretty assuming...) and he wasn't willing to watch any videos for a long time. Not because he thought the authors/directors were arrogant or coming down on him, but because it took the content to a whole new level of real. The truth can hurt a little. But it's better to make informed decisions. He's seen a video here or there, and that's enough. He hasn't kept his head in the sand about it, but he doesn't like to watch it b/c it's painful for him.

I think people don't want to watch things 'like that' sometimes because they don't want to know what they'll be convicted of or afraid of how it'll make them feel. And you're right, a vegan diet can be challenging at times- especially when grabbing a quick fun bite with friends. But having that motivation for your diet that goes beyond health is empowering and helpful- because you know you're making more of a difference in the world than just for yourself. =) Great post. Love the transparency.

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