Thursday, August 20, 2009

For Real?

So I'm driving home today on my long commute and radio channel surfing. I am flipping through and hear an ad for the radio station's happy hour. The DJ for the party - DJ KUNG FU PANDA. This is a serious ad for a serious party with a real DJ. KUNG FU PANDA. It was a great movie, but I don't think anyone should use that as a DJ name. Kung Fu Panda t-shirts, toys, and paraphenalia for kids is great. Movie posters and games - AWESOME! DJ KUNG FU PANDA is the WORST NAME EVER!!!!!! EVER!!!!!! EVVERRRRERJ!!!!!!!!!!!
So kids, I've decided that if working for the man don't work out I'm going to be a DJ. I had a really awesome Chicken Parm sub today for lunch. I think I'll be DJ Chicken Parm. My friend Dave used to drive a Dodge Omni, maybe he would be DJ Dodge Omni, or DJ Mopar. Now that Sandra Day O'Connor is retired from supreme judging maybe she'll be DJ Black's Law Dictionary. Sorry about this rant, but I was thrown off by the stupidity.

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